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Transport & Taxis



Taxis can be flagged down anywhere on the street, however, especially when it is raining or during rush-hour times , it can be hard to get a free one.

Hotels have taxi queues, & although they may not always be faster than sourcing your own taxis, generally they are more certain & less mafan.

Always pay according to the taxis meter. Sometimes taxis drivers will try to negotiate a 'fixed fee'. This will never be to your advantage, & is illegal. Remember to take the printed taxis receipt. This can be useful if you leave something behind in the taxis, or need to make a complaint against the driver.

If you are having trouble with the driver, take the taxis to a 5-star hotel. The hotel staff can then deal with the taxi company & driver for you.

Taxis Companies

Da Zhong



Ba Shi


Shanghai Metro Map, Chart [click to enlarge]

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Shanghai Metro Map, Detailed [click to enlarge]

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Route 911 bus




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